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Is it my fault that my 5-month-old has ringworm?

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Is it my fault that my 5-month-old has ringworm?


The first question is whether your son has ringworm or a dry skin condition called eczema. These conditions can sometimes be difficult to tell apart, although eczema tends to involve several areas of the body with numerous patches, whereas ringworm may involve only one or two areas. Eczema also tends to itch, which is less common with ringworm.

Ringworm gets its name from the "ring-like" appearance, an outer red and scaly rim and a central area that may look more like normal skin. It's a very common fungal skin infection in children and can be passed from child to child (most common) and less commonly from cats or dogs to humans. Ringworm is not a sign of poor hygiene. In most cases, it's easily treated with an antifungal cream. If it involves the scalp (which causes redness, dry skin, and hair loss), however, oral medicine is required. So . . . feel no guilt, get the diagnosis confirmed, and with treatment your son should do fine.  

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