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Is it normal, at 18 weeks of pregnancy, not to feel movement for a few days?

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Is it normal, at 18 weeks of pregnancy, not to feel movement for a few days?


At this point in your pregnancy, it's probably not of concern that you've not felt the baby move for a few days. The movements at 18 weeks are still light enough that it's possible you've just not been aware of them, even though your baby is moving regularly; your baby may also have changed position, so that the movement is not as noticeable. Every baby has his or her own pattern of activity; some babies move constantly, while others have a much more irregular pattern. It is true that the baby's activity is an important indicator of his well-being, especially in the last months of pregnancy. In early pregnancy when the baby first begins to move, you may only notice a few movements each day; as the baby grows, the number of daily movements increase, become more forceful, and may develop a pattern. You're wise to be aware of your baby's pattern of movement; however, you shouldn't be preoccupied with it. Once your baby has established a regular routine of movement, you should notice at least 10 movements every 12 hours. If you think you've not felt that many, see your care provider to check in on the baby.  

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