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Is it normal for my breasts to leak during pregnancy?

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Is it normal to have very leaky breasts during the sixth to the eighth months of pregnancy?


Yes, this is very normal and is a sign that your breasts are getting ready to produce milk. This leakage that you're seeing is called colostrum, or "pre-milk." At first it looks yellow and may feel a bit sticky, but later in pregnancy it becomes whiter and may actually look like thin, watery milk. You may leak varying amounts of colostrum from one time to another. You may see more of it when you are in a warm shower as the water hits your breasts. You may even be able to express it yourself by placing your index finger above the nipple and your middle finger below it and using a squeeze-pull motion. If you are planning to breastfeed, the colostrum will become your baby's first nourishment. Your true milk does not "come in" until about the fourth day after birth, so until then the baby will be getting colostrum when he nurses. It's really quite good for him, for it's high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, contains important antibodies to help protect him from infections, helps prevent allergies, and has a laxative effect to help him expel his first bowel movement, called meconium.


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