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Is it OK to put my 4-month-old to bed at 10:30 each night?

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My daughter is now almost 4 months old. Because we have only one car, and I pick up my husband from work after 10 p.m., we put the baby to sleep at 10:30 or 11 p.m. Everyone tells us it's bad for her to go to sleep this late, but we don't have anyone to stay with her while we're gone. Will this hurt her? What is the "right time" to put her down? Please help!


Of course that is not a problem! In addition, your husband gets to spend some time with her after work, which he would not be able to do otherwise. The baby does not have to go to school in the morning or get up for work, and the hours we put babies to sleep are dictated by our schedules as well as the baby's needs. As long as she gets the right amount of total daily sleep, do not worry about what everyone else says -- they are not on the committee to raise your child.  

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I put my daugther to be when we go to bed. That way we are all sleeping at the same time!

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