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Is it okay for my 14-month-old to sleep in his playpen?

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My 14-month-old son has been sleeping in his playpen (with two layers of baby blankets under him) for a few months now. We do have a crib, but my husband started to paint his room and hasn't gotten to finish it. Is it okay for my baby to sleep in the playpen, without the support of a mattress for this amount of time? It may be another two months.


If your son seems to be comfortable sleeping in the playpen, it shouldn't be a problem for him to be without a mattress for a few more months. Obviously a mattress provides more support than blankets do, but infants and toddlers seem to do just fine sleeping on a variety of surfaces. I would actually be more concerned about his safety. Make sure the playpen isn't near furniture or boxes that would allow him to climb out of it, and check that there are no strings or ties in or near the playpen that he could possible get tangled in.  

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