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Is it okay for my baby to sleep in his swing?

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My 6-week-old son fights sleep. Everyone has told me to put him in the swing for his naps. Is it safe for him to always sleep in his swing?


Infants are born with irregular sleep cycles that take about six months to mature. Ideally, it would be best to put him in his crib for naps and bedtime — that's your eventual goal anyway. But for right now, if he will fall asleep in the swing (often that swinging motion is calming and helps babies fall asleep), that's okay.

Babies often look uncomfortable all curled up with their neck bent over in the swing, but this position does not seem to harm them. Keep in mind that he won't fit in the swing for very long, so if it works for now, use it.


Member comments

All 5 of my kids slept in the swing or in my arm's untill about 6 months old they did fine. Then the..

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