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Is it safe to continue breastfeeding while I'm pregnant?

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Is it safe to continue breastfeeding while I'm pregnant? Do the developing baby and the breastfeeding baby, who is 8 months old, both receive adequate nutrition?


The human body is an amazing thing, for it is certainly possible to nurture an 8-month-old baby with breastfeeding as well as provide adequate nutrition for the developing fetus. The only problem is maintaining the appropriate nutrition for you. You know that you need additional calories as a breastfeeding mother, and also additional calories as a pregnant woman, so it is vitally important that you be sure your nutritional needs are met. You need extra calcium, protein, fluids, and calories during this time, so be sure to treat yourself well and eat a well-balanced diet. I'm not sure what your feeding plans are for the second child, but if you plan to breastfeed your second child, you need to think about whether you plan to breastfeed both the children or wean your first child. If you plan to wean the older one, it would be helpful for you if he or she were happily weaned before you gave birth again, so there are no additional feeding issues when you begin breastfeeding your second. If you plan to breastfeed both children, be sure that the newborn second child is always breastfed first, so he or she will receive adequate nutrition in those all-important first months of life.  

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