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Is it safe to put our 21-month-old in a crib made in 1975?

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Is it safe to put our 21-month-old in a crib made in 1975?


Changes regarding safety are occurring all the time, so you are wise to continue to ask about safety records and recommendations for any product you buy. New safety standards for cribs went into effect in 1974, so any crib manufactured after 1974 should meet strict safety standards. I recommend double-checking the following main safety features on the crib you're being offered:
  • Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so that a child's
  • head cannot become trapped between them.
  • There should be no cutouts in the headboard or footboard, as a child's
  • head could become trapped there also.
  • If the crib has high corner posts, unscrew them or cut them off as loose
  • clothing can become snagged on these and possibly cause choking.

The other concern about older furniture is lead paint. Many older cribs were painted with lead-based paint, which can poison children if they chew on the crib rails repeatedly. However, paints manufactured after 1978 are required to be free of lead. Your family's crib is most likely safe, but please double check the criteria noted above. I hope this helps the family debate.  

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