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Is it time to move my 16-month-old from a crib to a bed?

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Is it time to move my 16-month-old from a crib to a bed?


If you haven't already, lower the crib mattress as far as you can. Since she is smaller, it may be a little while longer before she can climb out of the crib. But you know her best and her abilities and how far she can reach. So, if you think there's any possibility she can climb out of the crib, I would suggest moving her to a regular bed. Many parents will just put a mattress on the floor and make the limit the child's room by putting a gate at the door or a latch so the child can't get out and cruise the house. This way if the child rolls off of the mattress, it's not very far. Of course you need to completely safety-proof the child's room. And, with your toddler's new freedom, it will take her several nights to understand that this is her new bed and she should stay there to sleep. Keep your bedtime routine the same as much as possible. Good luck!  

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