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Kids Cleaning: Washing Dishes and Mopping

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Location: Indoor
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How to play

When you're doing the dishes, give your child a set of child-size plastic dishes, cups, and bowls and a dishpan of soapy water so he can wash up alongside you. Show your child how to dry them with a hand towel. You can also make your little helper a child-size mop by cutting down the wooden handle of an adult-size mop. Ask him to help mop the floor when the dishes are done. Variation: Your child can make his soapy water frothier with an old-fashioned eggbeater or a wire whisk. (You might have to help him turn the eggbeater handle.)

Learning and Growing

Children this age are looking for every opportunity to be included in your daily routines and tasks. Doing chores is not only fun for him but teaches him the value of real work and pride in doing a good job.

What you'll need
  •   Dishpan
  •   Tray
  •   Towel
  •   Hand towel
  •   Dishwashing liquid
  •   Old-fashioned eggbeater or wire whisk
  •   Scrub brush and small sponge
  •   Child-size plastic dishes, cups, and bowls
  •   Child-size mop

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