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All About Baby Dry

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Pampers Baby Dry with up to 12 hours of Overnight Protection

You've told us that a good night's sleep means a happy morning for you and your baby. We listened to you and other parents and have made some changes to our Pampers Baby Dry diapers to help you and your baby have a dry and comfortable night's rest. Here are some improved features we've added:

  • More absorbent materials. Our latest Baby Dry diaper has more superabsorbent gel and absorbent fibers added to the diaper's inner storage core so your little one has up to 12 hours of overnight protection. These are the same absorbent ingredients we've been using previously in Baby Dry; now, we've added more of them to help keep your baby dry.
  • Longer absorbent layer. We have also elongated the absorbent layer further along the back of the diaper on all sizes of Baby Dry to provide better coverage overnight. This layer is made of the same ingredients we've used before in Baby Dry.  
  • Blue tint added to absorbent layer. The inside of Baby Dry diapers will now feature both blue and teal tints.  It is important to know that the colors used inside our diapers have been tested for safety and will not rub off onto your child's skin or cause irritation.  The new blue tint has been used safely in Pampers diapers previously — we are just bringing it back.
  • New graphics. We have also added some delightful new graphics!  We understand that the diapering experience can be a special and playful moment for you and your little one. Our graphics continue to feature the Sesame Street® characters that we know your baby will love.

It is important to know that the ingredients in these diapers are the same diaper materials you are familiar with from Pampers. We have just added more of them.

We are always looking to improve the experience consumers have with our products. To do that, we proactively listen to parents, just like you, to gather feedback. Our goal is to create the best Baby Dry yet. We hope you'll love these diapers as much as we do!


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Leaner Baby
My baby is in the 30 % for weight and height and these diapers seem to fit his body best. We have le..

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