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Learning Numbers: What's the Number?

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Alphabet & Numbers
How to play

Find the numbers. Point out numbers as you see them-on telephones, license plates, houses, signs, and so on. Ask your child to go on a "number hunt"-to find a 2 while you're driving, for example, or a 4 while grocery shopping.

Number book. Print the Number Template from the site, cut the numbers out, and laminate them at a copy shop. Punch one hole in the top left corner of each card, and connect the cards in consecutive order with a metal or plastic ring. Your child can use this number book as a handy reference whenever a number comes up. Ask him to match a number he sees on a signpost with one in his book. See how many numbers in the book he can name. Can he find how old he is? What number shows how many people are in his family?

Learning and Growing

Although it takes most young children a while to understand what numbers mean, activities like these, which highlight the presence of numbers in everyday life, help them grasp their importance.

What you'll need
  •   Number Template
  •   Laminator (at copy shop)
  •   Metal or plastic ring
  •   Hole punch

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