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Letter Matching Game UPPER CASE

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Alphabet & Numbers
How to play

Print out two copies of the letter templates. Cut out each letter card. You can mount them on an index card, or laminate at a copy store for greater durability.

To play the Letter Matching Game, start with only the upper case letters. Explore some of the letters with your child. Does he recognize any of them? Can he find the first letter of his name? When he is ready to play, lay out four of his favorite letters, face up. See if he can find the two letters that look the same. He can keep the cards he's matched in a pile in front of him. Lay out four more cards and let your child find the letters that match. When your child is able to match all the upper case cards facing up, you can play a memory game. Turn the cards over. See if your child can remember where each one is! Introduce the lower case letters after your child feels confident with uppercase letters. He can match lower case to lower case and then upper case to lower case, for even more of a challenge!

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