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Make Your Own Snow Globe

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Arts & Crafts
How to play

How it Plays

In this project, your child will construct his own snow globe using a glass jar, eggshells, and a couple of little plastic toys-the kind that tend to accumulate after birthday parties. Before you start, assemble all the materials in one place and spread out newspapers for easy cleanup.

Prepare the "snow" from crushed eggshells by hard-boiling two eggs and placing them immediately in cold water, which makes it possible to remove the shells without the inner membranes. If your child is older than 2, let him crush the eggshells himself by using a rolling pin on a cookie sheet.

Next, give your child the lid from a jar turned upside down; this will be the base for his miniature world. Help him assemble any scene he likes, whether it's plastic dinosaurs devouring a pipe cleaner forest or cats eating from a button food dish. Glue everything down using a glue gun or a strong adhesive such as Krazy Glue or model cement (if you use cement, you'll have to allow a few hours for it to dry).

To assemble the snow globe, fill the jar to the top with mineral oil and the crushed eggshells. Put a layer of glue or cement around the inside edge of the jar lid and screw it on. (The scene will be upside down at this point.) Now have your child invert the globe, shake it, and watch it "snow" on his scene. Pretty magical.

What You'll Need

  • Clean, empty jelly jar or, even better, one of those small (2 oz.) round jars that hold pimentos and the like.
  • Crushed eggshells from hard-boiled eggs.
  • Small objects such as pieces of costume jewelry and plastic animals (Remember that small objects can be choking hazards, so make sure your child knows to keep his materials away from his mouth. It's also a good idea to supervise this project carefully.)
  • Pipe cleaners and wire ties to make people or trees.
  • Glue gun, Krazy Glue, or strong household cement.
  • Mineral oil.

Learning and Growing

This kind of craft project teaches your child to follow a step-by-step process. He also gains fine-motor control and gives his imagination free rein to create his own scene. And don't forget the confidence and satisfaction he will gain when he shows grandparents and friends something he's made himself.

Learning and Growing
What you'll need

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