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Making Bedtime Easier

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Putting a toddler to bed at this age is not for the faint of heart. What helps? The time-honored ritual of snuggling in a rocking chair and reading a story often does the trick. And a special blanket or teddy bear has probably become a critical part of your child's nighttime routine. Don't be embarrassed if it looks ratty and worn. A well-loved security object shows others that your child has been well nurtured at home and that you've helped him start relying on his own inner strength.

Plus, kids with security objects, like those who invent imaginary friends, tend to be brighter and more creative than children without any special companions.

Get more information on your child's sleep habits.  


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From Grandma
This is a tough one. Habits are formed and hard to break. I would try to put him in his bed to "try"..

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