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Mirrors and Windows

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Location: Indoor
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How to play

Mirrors and Windows

Kids love the satisfaction of wiping the streaks from glass. Here's a fun way to incorporate your child's passion for cleaning into the toilet training process.

How it Plays

Buy a small mirror and hang it at your child's eye level somewhere in the bathroom. (Secure it to the wall so there's no danger of its falling off and breaking.) If possible, place it where your child can see himself while he's sitting on the potty; that way, he can make faces in the mirror while waiting for something to happen. Next, add a few tablespoons of distilled vinegar to a plastic spray bottle full of water and tell your child this is his special cleaner for his mirror. Let your child spray his mirror and wipe it dry with paper towels; if he wants to go on and wash a few windows or the shower door, by all means let him!

What You'll Need

  • Small mirror, preferably with sturdy plastic frame
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • 3 tablespoons distilled (white) vinegar
  • Paper towels

  • Learning and Growing

    There's a reason Maria Montessori featured so many washing activities in her curriculum; it's perfect practice for fine motor skills. And learning to manipulate a squeeze bottle develops the muscles of the hand.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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