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Mommy Resolutions

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Are you thinking of making some New Year's resolutions as January 1 rolls around? Maybe you're vowing to get more exercise, or to do something about those overflowing closets and stacks of unfiled papers. The trick for many moms (and many other people who aren't moms) is how to ensure that those brave resolutions don't disappear by February!

To help prevent this from happening, keep these guidelines in mind as your craft and carry out your mommy resolutions. First, pick goals that are both realistic and specific. Then, give yourself timeframes of different lengths, taking steps rather than leaps. Short-, medium-, and long-term promises to yourself can keep you motivated through the summer and help you sprint toward the finish in the winter.

Armed with these strategies, you're ready to make positive, lasting changes. Here's how to make and keep resolutions in three aspects of your life that may need improvement.

1. Getting in Shape

Getting fit is nearly everyone's favorite goal. It's one of the hardest to carry out, though, especially for new moms, given what they're already trying to accomplish each day. (Too bad that motherhood doesn't automatically come with a 25-hour day.)



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