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Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Your 29-month-old will imitate almost anything you do, including your bad habits and dangerous activities. So be on your best behavior! And keep a close eye on what she watches on TV. All the "Don't try this at home" warnings in the world will have no effect on a curious toddler.

Follow these suggestions to minimize TV's impact on your child's behavior:
  • Limit TV time to a maximum of two hours per day.
  • Spend some time watching TV with your child to see what she's seeing. You may have to cut out some cartoons and other "children's programs" that teach bad habits.

Helpful Hint: As an alternative to TV, try getting your child involved in a puppet show. Puppets are usually popular with children this age — they're fascinated by the fact that their own actions make these creatures move. But play it by ear. Some preschoolers may still be just a little bit afraid of puppets.  

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