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My 2-year-old daughter has had hard BMs for almost a year. What can I do to remedy them?

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My 2-year-old daughter has had large, extremely hard BM's for about 11 months. Her pediatrician had me put her on mineral oil for 6 months, but the problem didn't clear up. I went to another pediatrician, who told me that she would have to be on it for 9 months before it cleared up. She will have been on the mineral oil for one year in August, and is still having the same problem. Her pediatrician thinks I am a nutcase, but the stools nearly always have blood on the outside, and she strains so much I am worried for her. Am I just paranoid, or is something else wrong?


The blood on the outside doesn't worry me as much as the length of time that this problem has been around. Those large hard stools are producing little cracks around the anal opening that bleed. These hurt and will lead to resistance to toileting if the problem isn't solved. Ask for a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist, a child's specialist for problems related to the bowels. She or he can go through the whole story and determine whether more testing is needed and how to treat the problem. Get all her medical records sent ahead for review. Most moms turn into "nutcases" if they are constantly worried about a child. Get some specialized help for your daughter.  

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