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My 3-year-old daughter insists she's a boy -- should I be concerned?

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My daughter will be 3 tomorrow, and for the last six months she has insisted that she is a boy. I never thought I would be concerned, but it is getting to the point that it is all she thinks about. How should I handle it? Should I be concerned?


In a word, no. It's normal for children this age to wonder and fantasize about being the opposite sex, just as it's normal for slightly older children to have imaginary friends. It's just part of an active fantasy life. My guess is that she talks about it a lot because she can see that she gets a reaction from you. So don't worry. The next time she mentions it you might try saying something like, "What would your name be if you were a boy? And what would your name be if you were a cat?" Have fun together playing with the idea of being someone or something else.  

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I found this when doing a search. I'm not worried really, but am curious about the same thing. My ..

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