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Questions About Baby Dry?

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Baby Dry with up to 12 Hours of Overnight Protection

Our Pampers Baby Dry diapers help you and your baby have the perfect night's rest. Here are some answers to your questions on Pampers Baby Dry diapers. 

My Baby Dry diaper feels different. What changes have you made?

Pampers Baby Dry is now softer than it was before. We’ve added some extra soft material to keep your baby comfortable all night long while still keeping the excellent dryness and protection you have come to expect from our diapers.

Have the ingredients of the diaper changed?

No. These Baby Dry diapers have the same ingredients as before.

Why did you change the inside of the diaper?

We changed the inside of the diapers to add a softer, embossed, teal-colored liner, while still providing the excellent dryness and leakage protection that you expect from Pampers.

Is the new lining safe for my baby’s skin?

These Baby Dry diapers are safe for your baby’s skin and will provide excellent dryness and leakage protection you expect from Pampers. We partner with leading pediatricians and safety experts to confirm the materials we use in our diapers are safe for babies.


A doctor's expert opinion: Dr. Friedman

Dr. Dewitt
As a pediatrician and consultant to Pampers, I have reviewed the rigorous safety data for the new Pampers Baby Dry Diapers. The new products are made from the same materials as the previous products. Pampers has taken great care to ensure that the new products continue to be safe for baby’s delicate skin. Similar to products they are replacing, it is not expected that the new Pampers Baby Dry products would cause or contribute to diaper rash.

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