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Questions about new Baby Dry?

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Baby Dry

We’ve made changes to our Pampers Baby Dry line to help you and your baby have the perfect night’s rest.  Here are some answers to your questions on our new Pampers Baby Dry Diapers. 

My Baby Dry diaper looks different than before.  What changes have you made?

Pampers Baby Dry now features a longer, blue tinted absorbent area, more absorbent materials and new and updated Sesame Street® designs that moms love.

Have the ingredients of the diaper changed?

No, these Baby Dry diapers have the same ingredients as our previous version, but we’ve added more of the fibers and absorbent materials.  The blue tint that has been added to the absorbent layer has been safely used in Pampers diapers in the past.

Is the tinted absorbent area safe for my baby’s skin?

YesThe colorants in the tinted absorbent area have been designed and chosen for safety.   These colors have been safely used in Pampers diapers for many years.


A doctor's expert opinion: Dr. Friedman

Dr. Dewitt
As a pediatrician and consultant to Pampers, I have reviewed the rigorous safety data for the new Pampers Baby Dry Diapers. The new products are made from the same materials as the previous products. Pampers has taken great care to ensure that the new products continue to be safe for baby’s delicate skin. Similar to products they are replacing, it is not expected that the new Pampers Baby Dry products would cause or contribute to diaper rash.

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