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Questions about new Wipes?

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Pampers Sensitive Wipes with Soft Grip TextureTM

From diaper changing time to cleaning your baby’s face and hands, moms use Pampers wipes for handling a number of everyday messes. Get answers to your questions on new Pampers Baby Wipes with Soft Grip Texture™

What is different about the latest Pampers Sensitive Wipe than current versions on the market?

The newly redesigned wipes have an improved cloth design with a blend of thick and thin fibers that provides an even better gentle cleaning power while still maintaining Pampers Sensitive wipes clinically proven mildness for sensitive skin.

Are the latest Soft Grip TextureTMbaby wipes safe for sensitive skin?

The improved substrate design of our latest Pampers Sensitive Wipes has been clinically proven to be safe for sensitive skin and did not skin cause sensitization or irritation in our clinical testing.

Do the Soft Grip TextureTM Wipes introduce new ingredients that will impact my baby?

No, our latest Pampers Sensitive Wipes are still alcohol free and perfume free. No new ingredients have been added to the formula.

My Pampers Wipes look different than before. What changes have you made?

We are always looking to improve the experience consumers have with our products and to do that, we go out and listen to parents, just like you. 

  • Sensitive: We’ve made our “New Pampers Sensitive Wipes” thicker, but just as soft and gentle as before so that they help give your baby’s skin a gentle clean. We also included a new wavy patterned design that signals the new Soft Grip Texture™ introduced in our latest wipes. 
  • Baby Fresh/Natural Clean: We’ve introduced a new texture and included a new wavy pattern to our Baby Fresh and Natural Clean Wipes, which moms have told us they really like for cleaning. 

What is Soft Grip Texture™?

Pampers designed the Soft Grip TextureTMWipes to help get your baby gently clean with less wiping. The newly redesigned wipes blend thick and thin fibers to provide an even better gentle cleaning power while still delivering Pampers’ great protection for sensitive skin.

Why do they feel different?

The newly redesigned wipes blend thick and thin fibers to provide an even better gentle cleaning power while still delivering Pampers’ great protection for sensitive skin.  The result is a thicker, loftier wipe that is still soft and gentle.


A doctor's expert opinion: Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah
As a pediatric dermatologist, I’ve reviewed the consumer and clinical data and feel comfortable that Pampers Sensitive Wipes have undergone rigorous safety testing and are safe products. The testing that Pampers conducted before the wipes were sold to consumers did not show any evidence that use of these new products will result in diaper rash or skin irritation any more frequently than the products they are replacing. 
The new Pampers Sensitive Wipes are made from the same materials as the previous wipes versions and I would not expect them to cause skin irritation any more frequently than the previous versions.

Having personally reviewed the clinical data, and having seen the new products and how they are designed, I am confident that Pampers has taken great care to ensure that these products should not cause skin problems in the babies that use them. I have full confidence in recommending that my patients continue to use Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

Kara M. Shah, MD, PhD is the Director, Division of Dermatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and a consultant to Pampers.

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