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Questions About Swaddlers?

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Our Softest Diaper Ever

We've added some features to your favorite diaper that we know you'll appreciate and will help keep your little one dry and happy. Here are answers to some of your questions about Swaddlers diapers.

Have Swaddler diapers changed?

Our small sizes (newborn – size 2) feature a longer absorbent layer that provides more protection for up to 20% more runny BMs. We have also added the umbilical notch that moms love in the size 1 and 2 Swaddlers to provide your baby with a more comfortable fit. The products use the same ingredients that have been safely used in Swaddlers for many years.

Are Swaddlers 4 and 5 the same as the other sizes?

Swaddlers 4 and 5 include both the wetness indicator and absorb-away mesh liner you have come to love in the smaller Swaddlers sizes. These do not have the umbilical notch that is available on newborns and Swaddlers 1 and 2.

Why did you extend the absorbent area in the smaller sizes? What does it do?

Pampers extended the absorbent area in the back of the diaper to provide your baby with protection from more runny BMs, which in younger babies are often found in the back of the diaper.

What is this notch? Will it cause leakage?

The notch you see at the top of the Swaddlers size 1 and 2 diaper is there to care for your baby’s umbilical cord. Sometimes when bigger babies are born, they are already able to fit into size 1 diapers. In order to care for these babies, we’ve included the same notch that is currently on our newborn size Swaddlers diapers in the size 1 and 2 diapers as well. You can expect the same level of performance from the latest diapers with the notch as you have with previous Swaddlers.

Have the ingredients in the diaper changed?

No, the diapers have the same ingredients as our previous version. 

Have Swaddlers Sensitive diapers changed?

Our small sizes Swaddlers Sensitive diapers (newborn – size 2) now feature animal graphics on the fastening zone on the front of the diaper.  Our larger sizes Swaddlers Sensitive diapers (size 3 and 4) have added even more absorbent material to help prevent leaks.  And now all our Swaddlers Sensitive diapers have the same absorb-away mesh liner that moms have come to love in the Swaddlers Sensitive smaller sizes. 

Have the ingredients in Swaddlers Sensitive diapers changed?

No, the diapers have the same ingredients as our previous Swaddlers Sensitive diapers. 


A doctor's expert opinion: Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah
As a pediatric dermatologist, I’ve reviewed the consumer and clinical data and feel comfortable that Pampers Swaddlers have undergone rigorous safety testing and are safe products. The testing that Pampers conducted before the diapers were sold to consumers did not show any evidence that use of these new products will result in diaper rash or skin irritation any more frequently than the products they are replacing. 
The new Pampers Swaddlers are made from the same materials as the previous diaper versions and I would not expect them to cause skin irritation any more frequently than the previous versions.

Having personally reviewed the clinical data, and having seen the new products and how they are designed, I am confident that Pampers has taken great care to ensure that these products should not cause skin problems in the babies that wear them. I have full confidence in recommending that my patients continue to use Pampers Swaddlers.

Kara M. Shah, MD, PhD is the Director, Division of Dermatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and a consultant to Pampers.

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