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Our 2-year-old wakes up crabby every morning -- what should we do?

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We have a 2-year-old who wakes up crabby every morning, crying, screaming, just like he's angry. This is every morning. What can we do to stop him being a crabbypants?


Babies are born with different temperaments. Some are timid. Others are very sensitive to noise and light. And some, as you've discovered, are generally crabby.While this is likely to change, albeit slowly, over time, one thing you can do is discover which things make his mood better and worse. For example, is he more crabby if his room is dark or light when he wakes up? Is he bothered by scratchy pajamas? Does a bath first thing in the morning put him in a better mood? Does it help if you feed him a snack before bed? You'll have to be a bit of a detective. Finally, remember not to take it personally. It's just his style at the moment.  

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