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Playing In the Rain

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Location: Outdoor
Promotes: Nature
How to play

Dress your child (and yourself) in boots, a raincoat, and a hat, and head outside. Look for puddles to stomp through. Float a twig or leaf across a puddle. Surprise your child with a couple of small plastic water toys you just happen to have stashed in your pocket: a toy boat, a rubber duck, a cup, a small ball. When you find just the right puddle, you can pretend you are at a lake feeding the ducks or going for a boat ride. Or you can create a waterfall or just make a big splash! Talk with your child about some of the things you see and hear and feel: the circles the raindrops make as they hit the puddle, the sound of the rain on your umbrella, the feel of the rain on your nose or tongue. Talk about where the rain goes after it flows into the gutter or storm drain, why animals and plants need rain to survive, why ducklings love the rain, and where rainbows come from. There are so many things to do on a rainy day!

Learning and Growing

Your child is becoming increasingly curious about the outside world and often begins discussions with questions. Activities that examine cause-and-effect relationships are valuable lessons in understanding how the world works. They also provide an opportunity for you to help her find the answers to her many questions.

What you'll need


  •   Boots
  •   Raincoat
  •   Hat
  •   Umbrella
  •   Small plastic water toys, such as a boat, rubber duck, cup, or small ball
  •   Sense of fun

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