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Potty Chair My Way

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

My Potty, My Way

Let your child take command of the toilet training process by personalizing her own potty.

How it Plays

When you get your child's first potty home from the store, show it to her and tell her it's hers alone; no one else is going to use it. Let her decorate it with stickers, photographs of herself and her pals, and pictures of "big kids" cut out of magazines and catalogs.

What You''ll Need

  • Potty chair
  • Stickers
  • Pictures cut out of magazines
  • Photos
  • White glue

  • Learning and Growing

    Your child's developing sense of autonomy makes her hungry to put her stamp on her "very own" things. And she loves stickers, because she's only recently developed the fine motor coordination to peel them off their backing and apply them herself.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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