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5 Reasons to Host a Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

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While a typical baby shower is held before the baby arrives, there are certain advantages to throwing a baby shower after the baby is born:

  1. The guests get to meet the new baby at the party.
  2. Combining a baby shower with a “meet the baby” party can make life easier for the new parents, who might otherwise receive a steady stream of visitors who want to see the new arrival one at a time.
  3. Another advantage is that guests will know the baby’s name, gender, and size, which can make gift-giving easier and more personal (think monogramming!).
  4. Hosting a baby shower after the baby arrives is a good idea if the mom is having a difficult pregnancy and is on bed rest or doesn’t otherwise feel up to a party.
  5. This type of baby shower often works well for adopted babies since parents often don’t know when the adoption will go through until the very last minute.

You may want to wait until after the newborn arrives before finalizing the date. Give the new parents a couple weeks to settle in to their new lives before confirming details with them and sending out invitations.

A baby shower with the baby is best kept brief, as the new family will likely be exhausted and not up for a strenuous event. Think of it more as an open house with light refreshments. You probably won’t need games or activities, since “oohing” and “aahing” over the newborn is usually enough excitement for one party.

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