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Hiring Baby Shower Catering

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You're all set to throw a baby shower for someone special, but finding the time to plan, shop for, and prepare the food just isn't happening? You may want to think about hiring a caterer. A baby shower caterer will take care of the food and can provide dishes, glasses, and flatware as well. They can also set everything up and clean up afterward. Finally, they can also help with decorations, point you to a florist, and take care of renting tables and chairs, if necessary.

When hiring a baby shower catering service, you’ll want to put details in writing. Some things to include in a contract:

  • Date and time of the shower, including the time the caterer will arrive to set up
  • Baby shower menu (arrange for a tasting before you make your final choices)
  • Staff (will the caterer provide servers to carry trays of hors d’oeuvres from guest to guest or set up an unmanned buffet?)
  • Cost (this is usually per person; be sure the caterer specifies any deposits and minimums, plus tipping policy)
  • Items and services included (e.g., paper plates or china? Set up baby shower decorations?)
  • Deadline for final guest count
  • Cancellation policy (this is especially important when hiring a baby shower caterer, just in case the baby comes early!)

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