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Baby Shower Drinks

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Planning baby shower drinks can be a little tricky, since pregnant women are advised to limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine. If you are considering serving either one at a baby shower, check with the guest of honor and ask if she would feel uncomfortable if others were indulging when she’s not.

It's always an option to stick with non-alcoholic drinks and decaffeinated coffee and teas. That way the mom-to-be doesn’t get left out. It also pares down the number of drinks you need to purchase and prepare as well as reducing costs. Skipping alcohol also means you don’t have to be concerned about tipsy guests who may need someone to drive them home.

If you’re throwing a cocktail shower or an event that otherwise calls for alcohol,consider serving “mocktails.” You’ll find a variety of non-alcoholic drink options ranging from a baby shower punch or the Baby Bellini (peach nectar and sparkling cider) to the Mom-osa (orange juice and gingerale). If you dress up drinks with garnish and serve in festive cocktail glasses, your guests won’t miss the booze. Throwing a backyard barbecue shower? Non-alcoholic beers are available if soda won’t suffice.

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