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Baby Shower Favors

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Baby shower favors are a time-honored tradition — a little gift that you give to guests to thank them for coming to the party. While not absolutely necessary, they are a nice touch that extends the baby shower spirit by sending a tiny bit of the party home with guests.

Fortunately, the favors don’t have to be fancy or expensive. The secret is in the presentation. Jelly beans wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon make great favors. Or consider a trial-size bottle of scented shower gel tucked in a satin gift pouch. Cute refrigerator magnets, a sachet filled with potpourri, a sample-size jar of gourmet jam, a mirrored lipstick case — all make lovely little takeaways. And don’t forget that flowers and other decorations can often double as a favor. 

Feeling more extravagant? Custom candy bars, available online or at specialty shops, make popular favors, as do music CDs, picture frames, a bottle of sparkling cider, candles, and mugs. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.”

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Baby Cakes
You all have to check out these Diaper Cakes. A must for any shower ..

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