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Who Should Be a Baby Shower Host?

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A new baby is on the way and you want to host a baby shower. Should you? The short answer is “yes!” In times past, the role of baby shower host fell to a close friend of the expectant mother, rather than family. This is because it was considered unseemly for the expectant parents’ family to “ask” for presents by hosting a baby shower. If you (or the expectant family) are real sticklers for etiquette, it’s best to have someone other than the mom-to-be’s mother, mother-in-law, or sister serve as the host. Otherwise, host away! After all, if you can throw a birthday party for your brother or son, why shouldn’t you consider hosting a baby shower for your sister or daughter?

What if you’re a man? Can a man host a baby shower? Why not! While it isn’t traditional and might raise some eyebrows, it will also likely trigger smiles and underscore the fact that this baby is being welcomed and celebrated by all. Indeed, nowadays, it truly is acceptable for anyone to be a baby shower host (except the parents-to-be, of course).

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