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Baby Shower Invitation Wording

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Once you’ve picked an invitation, you’ll want to decide on the baby shower invitation wording to convey all the information your guests will need to attend. If you’re using a pre-printed, fill-in-the-blank style invite, the basics will be laid out for you. But even then, there may be additional details you want to convey. To make your invitation complete, be sure to include the following:

  • Type of event (baby shower)
  • Who the shower is for
  • Who is hosting
  • Date of the baby shower
  • What time the shower starts and ends
  • Where the shower will take place (including a map and/or directions on a separate sheet)
  • RSVP details (For more on this, see “Baby Shower RSVPs: Who’s Coming?”)

Some additional information that your guests may appreciate receiving with their baby shower invitation:    

  • Where the mom is registered or gift suggestions
  • Sex and name of the baby, if known
  • What type of refreshments will be served (e.g., lunch, dinner, snack, dessert)
  • What to wear (formal? casual? swimsuits for a pool party?)
  • Baby shower theme
  • Anything special they should bring (for example, a game might call for everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves)
  • Are significant others and kids invited?

Many invitations also include a rhyme or phrase to set the tone. For example, it might read something like: “A bundle of joy is on the way, please help us prepare for the very special day! Join us for a baby shower for Lisa Smith on Saturday, January 16th from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. 123 Main St., Littletown, Ohio. Hosted by Abigail Jones. A light lunch will be served. Casual attire. Lisa is registered at The Little Baby Shop. RSVP by January 3rd: 555-1234.” Once you’ve settled on the baby shower invitation wording, be sure to have a second set of eyes proofread the text before you start printing.

Plan to mail your invitations four to six weeks in advance. If you’re expecting out-of-town guests, consider letting them know even earlier so they have time to make travel plans. If your invitation is oversized or otherwise unusual, it’s a good idea to check postage before mailing. Finally, for an extra special invitation, consider purchasing stamps that fit the occasion.

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