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Baby Shower Thank-You Notes

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Whether you’re in your last trimester or caring for a newborn, having a baby is hectic! So most baby shower guests will forgive a new mom if she doesn’t get around to sending baby shower thank-you notes. But should she? Etiquette experts reply with a resounding “YES!”  Fortunately, as baby shower host, you can help:

  1. Purchase a package of baby shower thank-you cards and have each guest write her name and address on an envelope at the shower.
  2. Designate a detail-minded person with legible handwriting to be baby shower gift recorder. As gifts are opened, she should write down the name of the guest and the gift given so that all the information is in one place when the new mom is ready to write her baby shower thank-you notes. Don’t forget to have pen and paper on hand so you’re not scrambling when gift-opening time arrives.
  3. Designate a second person to collect gift receipts, gift certificates, and baby shower cards so they don’t get lost in all the wrapping paper.
  4. Collect the pre-addressed envelopes, thank-you cards, gift list, gift receipts, gift certificates, and baby shower cards, and then put them all in a large envelope to send home with the mom.

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