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Picking a Baby Shower Theme

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When planning a baby shower, it can be very helpful to pick a baby shower theme. You’ll find that once you select a theme, many decisions will fall naturally into place. What’s more, a theme need not be complicated, expensive, or difficult to execute. Some tips to get you started:

•    Think about the tone you want to set — cute? fun? pampering? elegant? Don’t forget to consider the expectant mom’s tastes as well.

•    Once you pick a theme, keep it in mind as you select invitations; wall and ceiling decorations; table decorations, including centerpieces; tableware (e.g., napkins, plates); food and beverages; and baby shower favors . It’s up to you how far you want to go. You can be subtle, with just a few elements to tie your shower together; or go full-throttle and run the party theme through everything.

•    Having a theme does not mean everything has to be perfectly matched. In fact, if all the decorations and partyware look alike, the effect could be monotonous or overwhelming. Instead, look for different items that go well together.

•    A baby shower theme can be as simple as a color or as elaborate as recreating Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood in your back yard. In fact, it can be based on just about anything: 

         •    Little kid "Let's pretend" favorites: princesses, baseball players, firefighters

         •    Nursery items (booties, pacifiers, rattles)

         •    Toys (teddy bears, blocks, trucks, dolls)

         •    Icons (storks, balloons, baby hand- and footprints)

         •    Children’s books (Pat the Bunny, The Cat in the Hat)

         •    Children’s songs (“The Wheels on the Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

         •    Cartoon or TV characters (Dora the Explorer, Big Bird)

•    The theme doesn’t have to be about babies! Think about colors, patterns (polka dots, stripes), flowers, the mother’s hobbies (knitting, yoga, cooking), the family’s cultural heritage (Irish, Native American, Chinese, etc.), and so on.

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