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Planning a Destination Baby Shower

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If holding a baby shower in your home or a restaurant sounds boring, consider a destination baby shower. More and more showers are being held in non-traditional locations with non-traditional activities. A shower can be held almost anywhere you can imagine. Think about:

  • Places that pamper you: Nail salons and day spas are great venues for a shower. What better way to pamper the mom-to-be than a mani-pedi party or an afternoon at a spa.
  • Craft shops:A baby shower could take the form of a paint-a-pot party, a jewelry-making class at a bead shop, a knitting circle, or a quilting bee.
  • Arts andculture: For the culturally minded mom-to-be, you might pick a jazz club, theater, concert, or museum.
  • Sporting events: If the expectant mom’s a sports fan, consider taking her out to a sporting event. An afternoon at the ballpark or the stadium makes for a shower no one will forget.
  • Nature: Few settings are more beautiful for a celebration than a botanic garden, beach, or park.

When selecting a venue, be sure to consider the following:

  • Will it be comfortable for the mom-to-be? Even the most passionate bowler may not be able to enjoy a bowling party when she’s eight months pregnant.
  • Is it available on the date you want?
  • Is there enough room for all your guests, including seating for everyone? Will you need to rent chairs and/or tables?
  • Will you be able to serve food easily and safely? Is there a place to prepare or refrigerate refreshments so they don’t spoil?
  • Are restroom facilities adequate? 
  • If your baby shower will take place outdoors, do you have a plan B for bad weather?

With all the interesting places and activities to choose from, all it takes is a little outside-of-the-box thinking to plan a destination baby shower that everyone will remember. 

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