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Planning a Home Baby Shower

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A home is an ideal location for a baby shower. It’s private, comfortable, intimate — perfect for such a personal event. To make the most of a home baby shower, think about the following hot spots:

•  Front Door: A bouquet of balloons in front of your house tells guests “This is the place!” and sets the stage for a baby shower. Not a balloon fan? Decorate the front of your house or yard with ribbons and bows, or hang a wreath or door ornament with a baby theme on your front door.

•  Entryway: Think about where guests will leave their coats when they arrive, and decide in advance where they should drop off their gifts.

•  Party Area: Whether it’s your living room, dining room, or backyard patio, you’ll likely need to move furniture around to make space for guests and decorations. Be sure to keep the path to the kitchen clear so that food and beverages can be transported with ease, and leave extra space around refreshment tables, where people tend to cluster. If possible, place food and beverage stations in a few different areas. Granted, this can be difficult, but it helps to prevent everyone from congregating around a single buffet table.

      Don’t forget to think about where your guests will sit. Arranging chairs in “conversation clusters” will encourage chitchat. Give special thought to the expectant mom when throwing a home baby shower. She’ll appreciate a comfortable chair in the middle of the action. Consider decorating her seat with balloons, bows, or ribbons to create a baby shower throne for the mother-to-be.

•  Restroom: A baby shower is the perfect time to set out guest towels and that fancy soap that’s too nice for every day. Fresh flowers or votive candles are other special touches your guests will appreciate.

For more on decorating, read “Picking a Baby Shower Theme” and “8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Baby Shower Buffet.”

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