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Baby Shower Games: Ice Breaker Games

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Want friends and family to mingle? Get your guests acquainted with these baby shower games and everyone will be talking in no time!

Baby Photo Game

When you send invitations to your baby shower guests, ask them to bring a picture of themselves as babies. Collect all the photos at the beginning of the shower. Later on, post the pictures around the party room with a number attached to each one. Distribute numbered blank lists and have each guest guess who is pictured in each photo.

Bobbing for Pacifiers

Fill a large tub of water and place it in the kitchen or outside. Fill the tub with pacifiers and let the guests go at it. If you want you can buy some small prizes and number them, and have the pacifiers numbered too. Afterward, you can carefully wash/sterilize the pacifiers, place them in a box with a ribbon, and give it to the mom-to-be.

More Baby Shower Games

Good choices for Baby Shower Game prizes: Baby bottle filled with candy, travel pack of baby wipes, bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath/hand sanitizer, pack of note cards, nice pen, small picture frame, small packet of coffee or tea or hot chocolate mix


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