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Baby Shower Games: Layette Design

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Set your creative side free with these hands-on games, and make something beautiful for your baby.

Decorate the Onesie

You'll need a plain white onesie for each baby shower guest, plus some markers or non-toxic fabric paints. Ask each guest to decorate a onesie for the new baby. If you like, have the mom-to-be relax in another room during the decorating time. When everyone is finished, spread the onesies out on a table and ask the mom-to-be to guess which guest decorated each onesie. 

Make a Baby Quilt

This is a great way to create a lasting memento for the new baby and mom-to-be. Cut out squares of a light-colored fabric, one for each guest. You can send the square to each guest, beforehand, asking the guest to decorate it and bring it to the shower, or you can have decorating materials — such as non-toxic fabric paints — on hand at the party. If you decide to do the decorating beforehand, at the party you can ask the group to arrange the squares (you'll need to have some extra squares, perhaps in a patterned fabric or contrasting plain color) and make a quilt pattern. After the party, you can assemble the quilt yourself (you'll need extra fabric, of course, for the quilt backing, and also batting — the "stuffing" for the quilt) or send it to someone else to put together.

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Good choices for Baby Shower Game prizes: Baby bottle filled with candy, travel pack of baby wipes, bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath/hand sanitizer, pack of note cards, nice pen, small picture frame, small packet of coffee or tea or hot chocolate mix.


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