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Baby Shower Games: Lively Games

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A baby shower is a celebration! Play these energetic games with your guests and get everyone moving.

Diaper Change Relay Race

Assemble your baby shower guests and line them up in two or more teams with the same number of players. Each team will need a stack of newborn diapers, a tub of baby wipes, a receiving blanket, and a baby doll. Have the baby doll wrapped in a blanket and wearing a diaper to begin. When you give the word to start, the first person in line in each team changes the diaper: removing the blanket and diaper, wiping the doll's bottom with a baby wipe, putting another diaper on, and rewrapping the doll in the blanket. Then the doll is handed to the next team member for changing and the diaper changer goes to the back of the line. When everyone in a team has changed the doll's diaper once, that team wins.

Balloon Baby Twister

You'll need a Twister board game and some balloons for this game. Have all the participants blow up some balloons and place them under their shirt to make the "baby." Then play a game of Twister. You can give prizes for the most twisted pose, most balloons carried under the shirt, and the least number of popped or dropped balloons. Let the mom-to-be sit in a chair and be the judge — and enjoy the fun.

More Baby Shower Games.

Good choices for Baby Shower Game prizes: Baby bottle filled with candy, travel pack of baby wipes, bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath/hand sanitizer, pack of note cards, nice pen, small picture frame, small packet of coffee or tea or hot chocolate mix.


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