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Should You Have Men at the Baby Shower?

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Used to be that a baby shower was considered a women-only event. But now, expectant dads and male family and friends of both parents are getting into the baby shower act. Not only is it more common to find men at the baby shower; it's becoming trendy for men to throw a shower for the dad-to-be to help him prepare for the days ahead.

If you decide to invite the expectant father to the party, keep in mind that even the most involved dad-to-be may feel awkward if there are no other men at the baby shower. Consider inviting some of his friends — or better yet, make it a couples event. For best results, include couples that already know each other and socialize together, rather than inviting the mom-to-be’s gal pals and having them bring husbands and boyfriends who may not be acquainted with each other.

A couples baby shower is most likely to succeed if you plan it more like a regular get-together than a traditional baby shower. Think dinner party, backyard barbecue, bowling party, and so on. You may want to skip traditional baby shower games, too, and add a six-foot sub to the menu if you were thinking of cucumber sandwiches.

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Who to invite
For my baby shower, I'm definitely having a party with males and females!

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