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Planning an Office Baby Shower

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Are you organizing an office baby shower? If so, you'll probably want to keep the event as simple as possible. In most cases, you’re dealing with a narrow window of time — a coffee break, lunch hour, or cocktails after work.

If you’re thinking of holding an baby shower in a conference room, be check with the supervisor first and reserve the room early. No need — or time — for elaborate decorations: A bouquet of balloons is enough to create a festive mood. You’ll probably want to skip the games and go easy on the refreshments. A basket of muffins or platter of bagels is fine for an office celebration held during a morning break. If you’re thinking afternoon, consider cake and coffee.

With an office baby shower, more than other types of baby showers, it’s perfectly acceptable to take up a collection for refreshments. Co-workers may also prefer to chip in for one large gift or a gift certificate instead of bringing individual gifts, especially if not everyone knows the mom-to-be well.

Other ideas for a baby shower at the office include lunch at a restaurant or cocktails after work. Whatever you choose, plan for a short and sweet gathering, as guests will likely need to get back to work or want to go home to their families afterward.

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