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Baby Shower Games: Preparing for Parenthood Games

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Play these skillful baby shower games with your guests and put your super-parent powers to the test!

Mommy Brain Teaser

Fill a basket or tray with small baby-related objects — at least 20 of them — before the shower. During the shower, ask the mom-to-be to quickly walk around the room and show everyone the basket/tray. After the quick viewing, hide the basket in another room and distribute paper and pens. Ask everyone to write down all of the items they saw in the basket. See who has the best memory and recalls the most items.

Supermom in Training

Before you begin, gather a cordless phone, a pile of unmatched baby socks (say, 8 pairs in the pile), and a stack of diapers.

Each of your guests will have a turn trying to be Supermom. When you say Go, the supermom candidate has to pick up the phone and cradle it between her ear and her shoulder. At the same time she has to correctly sort the socks into matched piles and change the baby's diaper. She cannot put down the phone while she is doing this. Before the next guest begins her turn, mix up the socks again. Time each guest and see how long it takes her to complete the tasks — no mistakes allowed, of course.

More Baby Shower Games.

Good choices for Baby Shower Game prizes: Baby bottle filled with candy, travel pack of baby wipes, bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath/hand sanitizer, pack of note cards, nice pen, small picture frame, small packet of coffee or tea or hot chocolate mix.


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