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10 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower on a Budget

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Who says a baby shower has to be expensive?

The purpose is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, fuss over the expectant mom, and have a good time. Here, 10 tips for hosting a wonderful baby shower on a budget.

  1. Share the cost with a co-host or two. Not only will this make it easier to plan, but it’s more fun, as well!
  2. Forego a fancy full-course meal and opt for lighter fare, like simple appetizers or dessert and coffee.
  3. Think double duty. Select shower favors that can serve as decorations or a baby gift that can be displayed as a centerpiece.
  4. Borrow, borrow, borrow from friends, family, and neighbors. Who says the tableware has to match? An eclectic blend of lovely pieces can be interesting and beautiful.
  5. Keep the shower small and intimate. This will lower the cost of food, invitations, favors, and so on, making it easier to plan.
  6. Shop early. This is especially important when planning a baby shower on a budget since it gives you time to find exactly what you want at reasonable or even discount prices rather than having to rush out and settle for whatever is available at the closest store. Planning ahead will also help you avoid rush fees from printers and other vendors.
  7. Throw a potluck. Having each guest bring a dish is a time-honored tradition -- perfect when you’re trying to keep costs low.
  8. Stick with seasonal flowers. When selecting blossoms for decoration, avoid pricey out-of-season blooms. And don’t overlook grocery stores and green markets, which often carry flowers at reasonable prices. 
  9. If you’re hosting a baby shower at a restaurant, go with lunch or brunch instead of dinner to cut costs. Arrange for the special baby shower menu in advance and have guests pick between two or three choices instead of the full menu.
  10. To keep decorating costs down, select a beautiful location that doesn’t need much dressing up. A tea parlor or park makes a perfect, low-cost setting.

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