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Stress-Free Baby Shower Planning

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Let’s face it. Planning a baby shower takes time and energy. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here, four tips for stress-free baby shower planning:

Tip #1: Spread the work around. Planning a baby shower with a friend or two will ease the burden and make the job more fun. While too many co-hosts can complicate matters, if multiple friends offer to help, don’t turn them down. Delegate small tasks, like picking up the flowers or proofreading the invitations. They’ll appreciate being included and you’ll have one less thing to do.

Tip #2: Hire professional help. If your budget allows, consider hiring a caterer to help with the food or a cleaning person to tidy up before or after the shower.

Tip #3: Plan, plan, plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute. Use our “Baby Shower Countdown Calendar” and “Baby Shower Checklist”to keep things organized and under control right from the start. Remember, the more you do ahead of time — whether it’s putting together decorations or preparing food — the easier it will be on baby shower day.

Tip #4: Be flexible. No matter how carefully you plan, unforeseen circumstances have a way of cropping up. Don’t let it rattle you. Just remember, the most important thing about a baby shower is to have fun!

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baby shower
I love baby shower also cant wait to plan mines.

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