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Baby Shower Games: Trivia Games

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Find out who the real baby experts are with these brain teasers. It’ll be like hosting your own quiz show! (Alex Trebek not included.)  

All About Mom

Before the baby shower prepare a list of questions about the mom-to-be, with her help, of course. The questions can focus on fun facts from her babyhood/childhood, or her present life, or both. Examples of questions: What time of day was she born? What is the name of her favorite childhood pet? What's the name of her elementary school? Where did the expectant parents meet?

At the baby shower, read the questions out loud (or ask the mom-to-be to read them) to the guests and have them call out answers. Have one person be in charge of noting who guesses correctly. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Firstborn Children of Famous People

Think of at least 10 famous parents from American history, pop culture, or a category of your choosing. Then do some research and write down the name of the eldest child of each parent  (this is your answer key).  Distribute a list of the parents' names to your guests. Ask everyone to write down the name of the eldest child next to the parent's name. See who can correctly name the greatest number of children.

Examples of parent and name of eldest child       

Abraham Lincoln; Robert (Todd Lincoln)

Judy Garland; Liza (Minnelli)

Tiger Woods; Sam (Alexis Woods)

More Baby Shower Games.

Good choices for Baby Shower Game prizes: Baby bottle filled with candy, travel pack of baby wipes, bottle of hand lotion/bubble bath/hand sanitizer, pack of note cards, nice pen, small picture frame, small packet of coffee or tea or hot chocolate mix.


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