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Pumpkin Soccer Race

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Location: Outdoor
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How to play

How it Plays
Clear some floor space in the kitchen, family room, or anywhere with an uncarpeted floor. Designate a starting line and a finish line; you can put down strips of masking tape, tie pieces of string or yarn between chairs, or just designate particular floorboards or cracks in the linoleum. Using only your feet to guide the pumpkins, race your child to see who can get a pumpkin to the finish line first. If you have two children, let them race while you call the start and finish.
Make sure to untie and remove the string or yarn when the game is over to prevent tripping, or if the string is fastened at the top of the chairs, remove it to prevent strangulation.

What You'll Need

  •   Two or more small to medium pumpkins (from softball to soccer size)
  •   Masking tape, string, or yarn (optional)

  • Learning and Growing
    While it's undoubtedly an unusual way to practice soccer skills, this game will help your child make the team.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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