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Ready for Emergencies?

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Today, accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in children under 5. Injuries used to be called “accidents” because they seemed unpredictable and unavoidable. Now we know that accidents are not random but instead follow distinct patterns involving changes in the child, the circumstance that causes the injury, and the environment in which the injury occurs.

These three components — the child, the circumstance, and the environment — are elements to examine. Prevention should focus on objects and surroundings because no matter how closely a child is watched, some accidents will happen. This is a new perspective: We used to think we could prevent accidents just by watching a child more closely. If an emergency occurs in a situation you considered safe, it offers a chance to learn something new about safety — once your child is out of harm’s way and recovered, that is!



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Very thorough article on emergency preparedness !

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