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Life Skills

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The techniques you learn in childbirth classes to lessen your discomfort during labor don't quit working once you've given birth; they are life skills as well. These methods can help you relax while breastfeeding, stay calm during the most trying moments of parenthood, and even cope with the emotional and physical pains of life in general. 

Of course, your primary concern right now is making your labor more manageable, and these techniques will do just that. You may find that the strategies alone will ease the pain of your contractions. Or you may discover that they allow you to decrease the amount of medication you need or delay the start of an epidural anesthetic, which may benefit your baby and your progress in labor.

Here are a few of the skills you'll learn to assist you in delivery and beyond:

Pelvic Rock

Progressive Relaxation

Visual Imagery

Slow-paced Breathing



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