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Help Your Toddler Reach Self-Care Milestones

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After your little one’s first birthday, you may witness a transition from needy newborn to take-charge toddler. If you’re wondering if your tot’s ready to reach such toddler milestones as using a spoon and brushing her teeth, here are some signs that she is up for the challenge.

Toddler milestone: Self-feeding with utensils

  • Is your child ready? Your little one has probably mastered the pincer grasp, a child development skill that allows her to pick up small objects between the thumb and forefingers, and is enjoying her first finger foods. By 15 months, she may show interest in using a spoon and try to grab it from you when you feed her; by 18 months, she may be able to handle the spoon pretty well (and get most of the food into her mouth). Keep plenty of paper towels handy — things are going to get messy!
  • How you can help: It’s important to support your child on her journey toward this toddler milestone by letting her attempt to feed herself, even if the majority of her peas and pasta miss her mouth. Make the process safer by investing in rubber-tipped spoons so your child can learn to self-feed without hurting her gums. Use unbreakable dishware that can survive multiple tumbles from the high chair to the floor. Designs that suction to your child’s high-chair tray instead of sliding around can make mealtimes easier for both of you.


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