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Should I remove the bumpers from my 5-month-old's crib?

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I have a concern / question about bumper pads. My 5-month-old son woke up crying because he had pushed his head underneath the bumper pads. I immediately took them off because of my concern for his safety. The pads do not tie at the bottom, only the top. Please assure me I did the right thing. Now I'm concerned about him bumping his head.


I think you did the right thing, as long as the crib slats are securely fastened and are spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so his head can't get caught between them. Not everyone uses bumper pads, and I would agree that he's safer without them if he pushes his way underneath them. If he really hurts himself bumping against the slats, he'll most likely not do it frequently. Check on him often until you're convinced he's not really hurting himself.  

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